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One Bucket at a Time

Thanks for joining us on this journey. From the beginning to the end, 2020 was a tough year for everyone. My daughter and I started this when we saw how isolated and lonely people became during the COVID pandemic. We wanted to spread some love, hope and joy to others around us. We had no idea how amazing this journey would be not only for those who receive the buckets, but everyone involved in the Brigade.

The idea of buckets came from a fundraiser we volunteered for a few years ago. We volunteered to make baskets for kids with life-threatening illnesses. During the pandemic, we found a bunch of the materials that were left over. So, we used those materials to start Blessings Buckets and with a little help from donations we have helped over 170 people in over 20 cities. 

Now, I'm sure you're wondering about the name. How in the world did we get Blessings Bucket Brigade? Blessings is the simple part. We are giving out Blessings to anyone who may need them. The bucket brigade came from the old school fire department. Yes, think firefighters who used a bucket brigade to put out fires. We thought this idea was a great way to show how we are all working together to care for others. 

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